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Eve came in the form of Vicky and Wolfi, our Austrian friends, who met us at the banks of the Salzach river in Germany. We had contemplated the meaning of this moment for quite some time – the crossing of the river, the step into Austria, the beginning of our journey to the other side of the world. Not that the journey hadn’t already begun about a year ago when we boarded the “Johann Smidt” in order to sail to Middle America and back; or when we said goodbye to our friends in Göttingen after our wedding celebration this summer; or when we shouldered our final luggage and said goodbye to my family on the 19th of August, exactly four years after Dylan had said goodbye to his family in Australia. Leaving German soil, however, seemed to seal our departure once and for all.

The deliciously red apples were looming on a tree at the river. Eve picked some for us and we bit and chewed and chatted and strolled and laughed and without really noticing, crossed the bridge to Austria. It seems that we sometimes don’t notice big things. Like when Dylan proposed to me without any of us noticing. Innocent as we had been though, our Fall from Paradise ended softly. We saw that we were still dressed, which was good. No snakes around either, not yet, instead we were welcomed by a hearth, beautiful Slovakian fujaras, inspiring family stories and a lot of human warmth in Sandra and David’s heavenly cottage near Oberndorf.

Austria then, we moved beyond intelligibility. “Silent Night” was composed in Oberndorf. What an omen.

The mountains in the distance are whispering of wooden house facades and Lederhosen, of Grazian off-scene culture and Viennese glamour, of Kernöl and Mozartkugeln… and of all the countries beyond.


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